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River’s Edge Park

River’s Edge Park Development Plan

The City of Columbia Falls is working with WGM Group to prepare a development master plan for River’s Edge City Park. The City’s primary objectives for the Park are to improve the recreational appeal, safety and operation for all users while minimizing adverse impacts to scenery and the environment. The plan will include amenities for the new fishing pond as well as the rest of the 28-acre park. The plan is intended to guide development of the Park over the next several years.

Update, August 16, 2019. – The final draft of the Development Plan will be presented at the Parks Committee meeting on Tuesday August 20 at 7 PM. This will be the last opportunity for public comment before it goes to council for a vote on adoption of the Plan.

The final draft can be viewed here:

2019.08.16 River’s Edge Plan – Final Draft

The public survey has closed. See the Survey results.

The public informational work session regarding the plan was held at City Hall, on June 20, 2019 from 4 PM to 7PM. Information from the meeting:

2019.06.20 River’s Edge Public Presentation Slideshow

2019.06.20 River’s Edge Preliminary Concepts