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Director of Public Works Grady Jenkins leads the Utilities department, which takes care of providing water and sewer services to the City.

Office Hours

The main office is open Monday – Friday, 7 am to 6 pm. Please give us a call at 406-892-4391 or come by if you need assistance.

Facts and Figures

The City has approximately 1860 water customers.

Water rate per 1000 gallons ranges from $0.90 to $1.77.
Sewer rate per 1000 gallons: $5.00

How to pay your city water/sewer bill

Beyond the obvious (paying it by mail using the bill you received), you can pay your bill in several other ways:
Drop Box

  • Drop the payment envelope in the box on the south side of the City Hall / Police / Library building.
  • Bring the bill inside City Hall and pay at the customer service and information window.
  • Have the bill paid electronically.

Hooking up to the city’s water and sewer service

There is important information you should be aware of prior to obtaining City water and sewer service. You can find that here: info for new water/sewer customers.

Water/Sewer service signup and construction permit forms are available in the City office. These forms are numbered so they cannot be provided here on the website.

Important Notice Concerning Irrigation Systems

Please be aware that if you are purchasing a house that has an existing irrigation system, or if you are planning to install an irrigation system, you are required by the City of Columbia Falls to install a testable backflow preventer on your line and have it tested annually.

You also need to be aware that there are many different types of assemblies but not all are approved by the City.

For additional information and specifics, please contact Director of Public Works Grady Jenkins at City Hall (406-892-4430).

Backflow Prevention Devices must be tested annually and submitted to the City no later than August 1st. The following is a list of certified testers in our area:

Paul Pierce – Paul the Plumber (406) 871-6717

Shayne Hatfield – Glacier Service & Testing (406) 871-7999

Shawn Rash – Elite Fire Protection (406) 461-8649

Rex Denison – Diamond Plumbing (406)-257-5145