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Director of Public Works Tyler Bradshaw has a big responsibility managing the safety and quality of the streets of Columbia Falls. In the winter, his crew is clearing snow and in the summer, they’re repairing potholes left by the prior winter.

Summer, Spring and Fall

Find a pothole, water leak or other problem?

Contact 892-4430 or 892-4391


Reporting snow problems –

Contact  892-4391


The City of Columbia Falls would like to share the following tips and facts to help with the snow removal process:

 WHEN DOES SNOW PLOWING START? Snow plows typically start the plowing process after 4 inches of snow has accumulated. The Street Crews begin operations as needed 24 hours per day. The crews start plowing early enough to clear the major routes before morning traffic begins. All City Streets are cleared as soon as possible.

CAN I SHOVEL THE SNOW FROM MY DRIVEWAY INTO THE STREET? No, you are not permitted to shovel the snow from your driveway or parking areas on to City Streets, it must be placed off the roadway.  However, when shoveling, if you pile the majority of the snow to the left of your driveway, as you face your house, this helps when the snow plows come by and there will be less snow to be plowed in front of your driveway.

BLOCKED DRIVEWAYS AND MAILBOXES: Remember, the City does not typically plow out driveways or dig out mailboxes.  Should you have a particular hardship, please contact the City at 892-4391. The City cannot plow private driveways or parking lots.

WHAT DOES THE CITY DO WITH ICY STREETS?  The City crews apply sand or chemicals as needed on major intersections and high traffic areas. Magnesium chloride is applied to roadway surfaces before freezing occurs to prevent the streets from becoming icy.  A sand mixture is applied, if necessary, to icy streets. Unfortunately, the City cannot completely eliminate icy conditions so please drive cautiously.

WHY CAN’T I LEAVE MY CAR IN THE STREET? By removing your car from the street, plowing can be done most efficiently and prevents the car from being plowed in. Some subdivisions are posted as NO PARKING FOR SNOW REMOVAL.  Please observe all such signs.

WHAT ABOUT PORTABLE BASKETBALL HOOPS?  Basketball hoops should not be placed in the street at any time as they can present a hazard.

WHO IS RESPONSIBLE FOR CLEARING THE SNOW OR ICE FROM THE SIDEWALK?  Clearing snow and ice from sidewalks adjacent to private property is the responsibility of the property owner or resident per City Code 12.28.  While City Code allows the sidewalk accumulation to be removed by twelve noon after accumulating overnight, please be mindful of the children and adults walking to school, work and the business district.  If possible, please clear the snow early in the day to allow safe passage.

IN ADDITION TO THE STREET, WHERE ELSE CAN’T I PILE SNOW?  Piled snow and ice cannot obstruct fire hydrants or storm drains.