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Public Notices

Public Notices are also posted on the bulletin board in City Hall outside of the City Manager’s Office and published in the Daily Interlake.


RFP – Columbia Falls Well No. 3, Due Sept. 10, 2019 @ 2:00 PM

The City of Columbia Falls (“City”) is soliciting Proposals from qualified consultants for professional engineering services on the Columbia Falls Well No. 3 Project.

Drinking water for the City of Columbia Falls is supplied by two wells, the Louisiana Pacific (LP) Well and the Clare Park Well. The City’s existing wells do not produce enough water to satisfy the City’s current maximum day demand with the largest producing well out of service, as required by Circular DEQ-1. The City recently had a preliminary engineering report, (PER), completed for the water system. The PER recommends construction of a third well to address current and future water demands. The project will provide engineering services to design a new 1800 GPM municipal drinking water well and connections to the existing distribution system. The project includes engineering services for investigations, permitting, design, bid and construction of the well in accordance with the PER, drinking water regulations and as directed by the City. See associated document downloads below.

—–AUGUST 30, 2019 – ADDENDUM NO. 1—–


2019.08.14 CF Well No. 3 Request for Proposals


Columbia Falls Water System PER – 2018

Columbia Falls Water System PER – 2018 – Appendices