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Mayor & City Council

Regular City Council Meetings occur on the 1st & 3rd Mondays of the Month.

Council Chambers
Council Chambers are located at City Hall, 130 6th Street West.   We welcome your attendance and participation!

Elected Officials:
The date in parenthesis following each name is the date the official’s term expires.


Mayor Donald W. Barnhart (12/31/2017)





Councilman Darin Fisher (12/31/2019)




 Councilman Doug Karper (12/31/2019)




Jenny Lovering IMG_0100


Councilman Jenny Lovering (12/31/2017)





Councilman Dave Petersen (12/31/2017)




council photo

Councilman John Piper (12/31/19)








Councilman Mike Shepard (12/31/2017)