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Mayor & City Council

Regular City Council Meetings occur on the 1st & 3rd Mondays of the Month.

Council Chambers
Council Chambers are located at City Hall, 130 6th Street West.   We welcome your attendance and participation. Check the Meeting Agenda page for detailed information on each meeting.

Elected Officials:
The date in parenthesis following each name is the date the official’s term expires.


                               Mayor Donald W. Barnhart (12/31/2021)



Councilman Darin Fisher (12/31/2023)




 Councilman Doug Karper (12/31/2023)




Jenny Lovering IMG_0100


Councilman Jenny Lovering (12/31/2021)




council photo

Councilman John Piper (12/31/23)





Councilman Paula Robinson (12/31/2021)




Councilman Mike Shepard (12/31/2021)