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Frequently Asked Questions

Sometimes called a “FAQ”, this frequently asked questions page will be updated on a periodic basis to reflect the info that is most in demand at City offices.

Where can I find a Certified Backflow Prevention Specialist?
The following individuals are licensed backflow prevention testers:
Shayne Hatfield     (406) 871-7999
Paul Pierce              (406) 871-6717
Keith Gallagher      (406) 314-5223
Please note that this a list of certified testers only.  State law and the Uniform Plumbing Code state that the connection to the potable water system, the supply piping to the backflow prevention device, and the installation of the backflow prevention device requires the services of a Montana licensed master plumber, a plumbing permit.  Please be reminded that homeowners are not allowed to work on their own system.

How can I pay a water/sewer bill? 

Click here to find out.

Where are minutes to City Council meetings?
Right here: https://cityofcolumbiafalls.org/category/minutes

When does the City Council meet?
7pm, on the 1st and 3rd Mondays of each month

Where does the City Council meet?
Council Chambers @ City Hall.

How do I get something on the City Council Agenda?
Contact the City Manager’s office.

Why do I need to call the City Manager? Doesn’t the Mayor run the City?
The explanation of this is a bit long for this page. Take a look at the Mayor/City Council page and the City Manager page to get a complete explanation.

Where can I find downloadable versions of the forms I need to do business with the City?
On our forms page.

Looking for our Municipal Code?
Click here: https://www.cityofcolumbiafalls.org/municipal-code

How can I find out when the site changes?
Get notified by email when the site news/minutes are updated. If you use a RSS feed reader to monitor site news changes, you can subscribe by clicking right here.

Does this site support mobile phone browsing?
Absolutely. The site provides a rich experience for iPhone, Android and other phones with advanced mobile browsers, while offering clean simple formatting for less capable mobile browsers. The site automatically recognizes the capabilities of your phone’s browser and acts accordingly.