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Calendar of Events

Click on an event on the calendar to see details of that event. You can drill-down from there for more info. To learn how you can get automatic event notifications by email and text message, please scroll down.

Automatic Notifications

In order to receive automatic notifications to via email and/or via text message to your cell phone, you’ll need to “subscribe” to our Google calendar using the link below. Note: You’ll need a free Google account to use this feature.

Go to the City of Columbia Falls Event Calendar at Google.

Once subscribed to our calendar, you can automatically get reminders for upcoming events (via email and/or text message). If you have a smartphone, PDA or use calendar software, you can use our calendar’s RSS feed to automatically add Chamber events to your calendar.

For the technology-inclined, here are a few links that might come in handy:
Calendar RSS feed
iCal feed (mostly for Mac users)