ColumbiaFallsPolicePatchTo report an emergency, CALL 911.ColumbiaFallsPoliceBadge

In a non-emergency situation, call 406-892-3234, fax 406-892-3274 or email

The Columbia Falls Police Department is led by Police Chief David G. Perry.

Message from the Chief

Columbia Falls’ exceptional quality of life is based on a single foundation: When people work together, great things can be accomplished.

The formula extends to public safety. Crime prevention and enforcement require more than a great police force. It also takes a strong partnership with the citizens and a community that cares. As police chief, I’m honored to work with a department of highly trained and dedicated officers. That partnership makes Columbia Falls a great, safe place to live.

What might not be apparent to most of our customers is the number of city, state and federal laws that the department is responsible for enforcing. Officers respond to calls for service, investigate all major and minor crimes, transport prisoners to jail and testify in court. The knowledge base and skill of department personnel is remarkable.

As Chief of Police, I have had the opportunity to reflect on the vision and growth of the Columbia Falls Police Department. When I began as a reserve officer in 1978, the department was seven full time officers including a Detective. Thirty years later, I have the honor of leading a full-service police department that is committed to community problem solving and public safety.

Mission / Values

Click here to see the department’s Mission Statement and Statement of Fundamental Values


ColumbiaFallsPolicePatrol Car Columbia Falls Patrol car with Blue Angels F/A-18

Police Department Renovations – June 2012

School Resource Officer (SRO) program

Our School Resource Officer program began in 2003. Since then, the SRO has provided a proactive role in campus safety and law-related education to more than 2000 students, staff and visitors each school year.

Being professional, visible and accessible promotes the SRO as a positive role model to the students and staff that will support the efforts of law enforcement at school and in the community. The SRO works closely with school administrators to emphasize prevention through involvement as a teacher, counselor and law enforcement officer.

Current School Resource Officer Todd Mertz has been with the Columbia Falls Police for 5 years and has spent most of that time in the schools.

Reserve Police Officer Program

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Amber Alert Resources

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Law Enforcement Links

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